In this project, I'm showing you how I ended up with my personal logo and tell you a little more about why I chose the elements and colors that I ended up with.

My personal branding

First things first, I gave myself a small briefing about what I actually wanted for my logo.

I wanted it to be:

  • Strong

  • Minimal

  • Memorable

  • Scalable

  • Made from simple shapes

  • Professional

  • Futuristic but timeless

After setting those parameters for myself, I started drawing forms that had a shape, that at least remotely resembles the letters "s" and "a".

This is the shape I ended up choosing.

In the next step I took a picture of the shape, loaded it into Adobe Illustrator and recreated it using simple shapes – in this case a square, two triangles and a circle.

The underlying, gray shapes are what I used to construct the logo, in the next step I combined the shapes and rounded off the corners to avoid parts of the logo becoming too thin. This way the logo is more scalable and more versatile.

Last but not least – color. I decided to stick to three "colors". A cool purple, a dark gray and white or a light gay, depending on the use case.

Why did I choose purple though? There's a quick and a more thoughtful answer to that question.

The quick answer would be, because it is my favorite color.

The more thoughtful answer would be, because purple stands for power and ambition, exactly what I want my personal brand to be – powerful and ambitious.

To close out this project I prepared a few Mock-ups for possible use cases.